Product Review – Maybelline Cover Stick

As an avid watcher of beauty videos on YouTube, I’m all for trying out new products that others rave about. This led to me (and many others I’m sure) using the ‘Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer’ as my go to product to cover-up under eye circles and redness. I was very impressed by this product as it was shockingly, pale enough for my very un-‘sun-kissed’ skin, but still managed to do it’s job and camouflage my sleepless nights. However, recently (unbeknown to me whether this is due to it’s popularity), the shade ’01 Fair’, which I would usually use cannot be found anywhere; hence leading me to try the product as mentioned in the title – the Maybelline Cover Stick in the shade ’01 Ivory’.

Now, I’m not usually one to use ‘stick’ concealers as I find they aren’t as long lasting for people, like me, with normal to combination skin. Nevertheless, I decided to try it out as it appeared to be the least orange of all the concealers on offer in my local Boots, as well as only costing £3.98. Unfortunately, this step out of my comfort zone did not help change my opinion on ‘stick’ concealers at all, and in fact made me dislike them a lot more.

Although it does provide a some-what decent amount of coverage, I found the consistency very heavy, particularly under my eyes, to the point it actually hurt. It also seemed to crease, leaving unsightly marks below my lower lash line. The product itself also had a very distinct smell to it, somewhat like how you’d imagine you’re grandma’s lipstick to smell. Most importantly, when used alone, not on top of my foundation, it caused me to break-out, which left me very unimpressed. 

However, I’m not all negative, and for the very low price of £3.98, when used alongside my foundation and primer, the concealer did an acceptable job, both covering any flaws and providing a subtle highlight along the bridge of my nose.


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